Our land is getting younger with our Teknofarm brand.

By eliminating chemical residues, we are increasing agricultural productivity by rejuvenating the soils degraded due to the use of chemicals. With our fertilizers produced without any chemical additives, efficient and healthy product harvest is getting easier. We are planting the seeds today for a healthier tomorrow.
Thanks to organic fertilizers and agriculture, the viability of the soil is preserved and the poison is kept away from the foods we eat. Thanks to the use of organic fertilizers, biological diversity is protected and the risk of cancer is reduced.

We also decrease all costs.

Along with the increase of organic matter in the soil, the water retaining capacity of the soil also increases. In this way, higher quality plants can be grown with a reduced amount of water. This in turn decreases irrigation costs, allowing us to be benefit oriented at every stage.

We can eat healthier plants.

The increase in the use of nitrogenous fertilizers in agriculture caused an increase in the amount of nitrite and nitrate taken in with our diets. The presence of these substances in high amounts in the food causes an increase in cancer risk.

All artificial fertilizers other than organic fertilizers are forbidden in many European countries due to their negative effects on human health.

For healthy growth of plants;

Light, carbon and oxygen from the air and water from the soil along with all other required elements must be taken by the plant in the appropriate time and environment. The good physical and chemical structure of the soil depends on the biological environment in the soil which depends on the microorganisms and species in it. Organic fertilizers provide the best conditions for plant production by providing the best conditions for this environment.

We are making a difference with Teknofarm.

We invest in the future with correct and healthy plant production.

If we need to summarize the benefits we provide briefly;

Reduced Cancer Risk
02.Reduced Cancer Risk
Increased Plant Life
03.Increased Plant Life
More Resistant Metabolism
04.More Resistant Metabolism
Increased Nutritional Value
05.Increased Nutritional Value
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