Within the character of SGL Group companies lies trust and constant change.

Giving confidence to all its stakeholders with the power it draws from its past, SGL embraces change with a new generation management team.

It is indispensable for all SGL group companies to stay up-to-date, to be effective in all new communication channels, to be part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and not to give up trust-oriented business sense originating from its roots.

The vision and mission of today’s companies may change over time but their DNA does not change as easily. All our brands continue to serve with the management style that is formed by the idea “I prefer losing money to losing the trust of people”.

It is Important to Embrace Change in the Future by Keeping Faith With the Roots

By addressing many different areas, the second-generation management which follows innovation, innovative approaches and the world closely, places a very important value on the heart of SGL Group DNA: “Continuous Change”

The trust gained over the past 30 years has now made it very essential to invest in new generation business areas by also making the change in the global world market conditions as the basis. In this regard, we are progressing in all sectors in light of this awareness.

You may share all your opinions and suggestions related with our company with us.

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