The world population is increasing with each passing day while the surface area of our world remains the same.

The most important achievement of our time is the existence of companies that make conscious decisions about the environment and nature.

Many issues such as protection of natural resources, providing a safe working environment, prevention of emissions, application of environmentally sound processes, and preference of suppliers with high environmental awareness are important issues in the company constitution.

We are committed to comply with all relevant legal requirements in terms of quality and occupational safety and to integrate these points into our corporate culture. In line with the principle of working with the highest quality suppliers of our country and the world, we make quality a standard in every step of the way.

Our Priority is a More Beautiful World

The SGL Group has a management approach that never accepts causing harm to the environment as a means to save time or reduce costs. We prefer nature-friendly raw materials, materials and energy sources to the extent permitted by our activities.

You may share all your opinions and suggestions related with our company with us.

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