Each past achievement is a part of the corporate culture in SGL Group. Basically, we can define corporate culture as a vast knowledge that guides decision making even when the company manager is not around to partake in the decision to be taken. In this regard, we provide services in our sectors with teams that know how to make decisions and use initiative.

Innovation is the most important driving force behind success and the future. SGL Group defines innovation as the consciousness that it uses to take the lead by making unexpected moves against its competitors.

Organized at specified intervals within the group, innovation days are activities where all teams come together to contribute to the corporate culture.

At the Innovation Center, all companies are informed about 4 main titles. All our employees are given a voice in a collective working environment, understood by the management, have their achievements shared, infused with the sense of belonging, have their need for being noticed satisfied, and the full potential of the entire team is discovered.

Swot Analysıs
Current Team Awareness
Trend Reports
Quality Time Management

These innovation days when the group companies come together are the first and most important step in promoting the corporate culture. It is quite necessary and important to encourage our employees who contribute to this process by giving prizes. Additionally, putting the innovative solutions offered by employees to active use within the companies provides a distinct source of motivation for all SGL Group brands.

You may share all your opinions and suggestions related with our company with us.

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