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SGL Group İn a Few Words

We continue to grow as a group of companies,
adding value to Turkey with over 30 years of experience.

We are making a difference in the sectors we are in, by continuing our planned growth with respect to people and the environment, customer satisfaction, transparency and a desire for innovation which have been the basis for our success from past to present. Thanks to our collaborations with global brands, our group keeps doing business without compromising quality and continues building the future starting from today.

To become a global brand with an innovative approach that lives the future as of today.

We are ready for the future with 30 years of experience and an innovative approach.


In a globalizing world, our human resources are our most valuable asset. In this regard, we continue to add value to the sectors we are in with expert teams specializing in their respective fields.

With the pride of empowering the Turkish economy from where we draw our power, we are preparing our companies to the future with our short, medium and long term plans and to turn them into global brands, being “always the best”.


The approach at the top of our core values is “İNNOVATİON”

“Innovation” as the most fundamental subject of the world’s agenda


Innovation, which is on the agenda of the prominent business leaders of the world, is also one of the main priorities of SGL GROUP. Thanks to ever developing technologies, the importance of distances has been greatly reduced. Accordingly, globalization has also developed creating new markets and production centers. With the awareness that in the near future, companies will have to embrace innovation to reach both current customers and non-customers, we are updating our service approach according to innovative approaches in each segment by launching R&D projects in the sectors we are in.


Building a greener world for the better.

Like every individual, our goal is to live in a livable world.


We are building structures that do not compromise on quality in the sectors we are in. By taking serious measures in subjects such as consuming the world resources responsibly, cherishing the nature and greenery, we bring company employees who always treasure nature everywhere.

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30 Years of Experience
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